Information belongs at the right fingertips

Business Technology does two things well:

  1. Insight generation—plumbing information to generate better decisions.

  2. Action acceleration—automation and tools to make work easier.

The value of any technology investment is to provide more timely, accurate and relevant information to enable the customer to make a better decision and take swifter action.

There is nothing else.

"Information technology" is an old name, but it's stuck for one reason—the fundamental value of providing the right information to the right people at the right time. As obvious as this may seem, it's shocking how many initiatives do not improve the way this is done. Complex user interfaces, silo'ed information access, and inefficient customer communication channels still dominate most businesses and their business systems. What an opportunity that presents!

But even the best information is only of value if it allows us to take the best action immediately. Why then, do we see chronically inefficient customer communication, Call Centre service slowed by "the system", and Sales Reps having to be cajoled into updating their sales status? Broken workflow is the second great opportunity.

If you're using technology to improve your business, ask yourself every project, every day, every meeting—"How will this enable better decisions and faster action?" If you have to pause before answering, step back and reconsider the work you're doing.


Pick a few change initiatives for which you are investing in technology. Ask:

  1. How will this improve your business? For whom?

  2. How will you provide better information?

  3. How quickly will the right action be taken with what you will deliver?

Drop me an email at results and we'll come up with 3 great opportunities for your business.

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