Inspiration in Collaboration

I had the great pleasure of keynoting this year's Research Day at Durham College. The program is an inspiring example of the power of collaboration between research and business. Durham College has partnered with local businesses for many years, with a recent focus on exploring the potential for Artificial Intelligence. I'm delighted to have been able to spark the conversation. How inspiring it is to learn about the creation of solutions for real and important applications.

We learned about collaborations that are helping  dementia and Altzheimer's patience continue to live where they want to—at home; treating gut bacteria, with potential to benefit over half of the population; and improve customer experience when we park our cars.

These collaborations are born of unmet needs. Business has problems to solve—or opportunities to pursue—and the financing to get the work done. But they often lack the skills to complete the work. The college has those skills and is seeking opportunities to practice them. Bring these together and you can make things happen.

Too often, I see business plans hampered by inadequate resourcing. It takes some creativity to go find the right partners to get the job done.

Is there a better way for you to get work done?

Two questions for you to ponder this week:

What projects or activities have stalled in your business, or are crawling along slower than you need? Have you set up your team for success, with the appropriate resources? Could outside help make the difference?

What projects would you like to take on, but know you don't have the skills on-staff? Are you seeking partnerships?

If you're struggling to find the right technology partners, contact me at and we'll set up a short call to exchange ideas.

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